On Tue, 2009-03-17 at 08:24 -0500, Mike McGrath wrote:
On Mon, 16 Mar 2009, cralin@gmail.com wrote:

> Hello Fedora Infrastructure,
> I'd like to use my first e-mail to introduce myself.
> The name is Alin Crețu, I'm 33 years old, Romanian citizen, currently living in Germany.
> I've been working/playing with Red Hat Linux since RH 5.2 and with Fedora since it's first release 10 years ago.
> For the last 9 years I was working with Linux/Unix in different production environments, from small departmental (2
> systems) up to large enterprise (200+ Linux/Unix machines with High Availability requirements).
> Since June 2007 I'm also certified as "IBM Certified Advanced Technical Expert -- IBM System p5 2006" and I can find my
> way around BASH and ksh scripting. Also I have considerable understanding and some real life experience with large SAN
> installations.
> I'd like to take this opportunity to give something back to Fedora by helping the Infrastructure team running the servers
> that make the Fedora Project possible.
> As of now, I'm also looking to find a sponsor that will be willing guide my first steps towards this community.

Welcome Alin, was there a particular FIG you were interested in getting
involved with?  Feel free to stop by #fedora-admin on irc.freenode.net to
say hello.

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To be honest, at this moment I'm not really sure.

I guess it's not really important for me to be part of one FIG or the other as it is helping out whenever/wherever I can.

Reading the descriptions of the FIGs I think I might be able to hep in sysadmin, sysadmin-tools, sysadmin-backup and/or sysadmin-noc. However the descriptions are somewhat short and it might take a while to get used with the tools/procedures used in each FIG.

Suggestions are always welcomed :)