My name is Jacob Lopez, I'm from Seville, Spain.
I'm anxious to start contributing to the community. My interest is get involved and help with my knowledge and experience (and of course my hands on work) while getting expertise on Linux Fedora. Areas wich specially interest me are KVM virtualization of systems and services, security and network services. Also Interested in cloud and grid computing infrastructure.
>From 6 months ago I'm currently IT Technical Project Manager member of the Architecture Steering Group in an online bookmaker based on Gibraltar.

My experience over last three years:
Server Administration and Engineering Centos/Rhel 5.1,5.2,5.3,5.4 for UAT/Production Servers. Running J2EE servers, file services, security, mail services, web services (apache and Jetty).
Windows 2003 and 2008 system administration and engineering. AD, Cluster, Security.
Some solaris 10 administration
SAN administration. Dell emc ax100, cx3-20, cx500
Iscsi administration Dell md3000i
J2EE Oracle Weblogic 10 and 10.3 uat and production clustered infrastructure design, implementation and administration. Performance and tuning.
Cisco Switching on production infrastructure.
Blades Setup, configuration (Dell m1000) and interconnection for produciton infrastructure.
Load balancing design and configuration. Zeus TM and Cisco CSS on UAT and Production. SSL offload.
Web server administration: Apache, Jetty and IIs on production.
SVN and WebSvn setup on Windows and LInux.
Infrastructure monitoring: SNMP, WMI using What's up Gold, SiteConfidence.

Load and Stress testing using:
Oracle Application testing suite.
Forms2Test 4.

Bash, Jython, Java, C#, Wsh, and other rubish (vb+script, xbase++)
OOp and po programing.
Code debug and fix.
SVN integration.

Designed some training and documentation on web load testing for Government of Andalusia.

To give an idea on my persistence at work: I've been working  nearly 15 hours a day for the last 2 years including 2 of every 3 saturdays and many nights (who didn't?).
Very Constant on work, reliable and lover of technology challenges and researching tasks.

Relevant Certifications:
RCHT 5, RCHE 5, MCP, MCSE Security, Oracle WL 10 SysAdmin Expert.

Spanish (native)
English. Very fluid conversational level.

Current year objectives.
Linux expertise (Maybe starting RCHA path)
Jboss expertise and certificaiton.

I will be more than happy to start contributing to Fedora community and hear from you on what you do think I can help better with.
Please feel free to contact me at any times, I will chase you a lot anyway ;)
Regards and thanks for your time.

aka JaxJax.