I honestly don't understand what is purpose of the f26 vs master. Why we have empty master currently (speaking of dist-git)? master should be the same as rawhide, as it is in Fedora.


Dne 21.2.2017 v 10:05 Michal Novotny napsal(a):
Hello folks,

We have quite recently changed naming of rawhide chroot to fXY in COPR and I would like to know your opinion about it.

As branching is behind the door, I tried to consider it again and slightly changed my mind. The main problem with just fXY is that it is probably not very intuitive. "rawhide" tells clearly that rawhide repos are used whereas with just fXY, the repos used for the chroot need to be switched at branching (from rawhide to the fXY ones).

We were probably trying to be too fancy here thinking that the follow-up features (all package rebuilding and chroot forking) will complement it well. These features can, however, work with both namings and the "rawhide" chroot just plays much better with mock and how it introduces the new chroot configs.

We can go either way but to me the "just-call-it-rawhide" seems to be more simple now while also providing nicer user experience.


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