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> > to be a mentor along with this new contributor to work closely with
> him. For
> > example doing some small tasks like documentation, wiki, content,
> the
> > Infrastructure team that is some menial basic things. As they say
> have
> > to learn how to follow before you can lead.
> Whenever I sponsor someone into Infrastructure groups, it's with a
> clear task/project in mind. Once you've accomplished that task,
> there's limitless other tasks to be accomplished, and you gradually
> "move up the ranks". so to speak, in terms of responsibility.
> Does that make it more clear?

That plus Mike's earlier feedback definitely set me straight.  I had
come in (even after reading the docs) thinking that it was 'look around,
find where you'd like to work, get to know those people, ask to work
with them, pick up tasks, Profit!!!'.  Mike's got me started in the
right order despite that misunderstanding.  :)

In retrospect, it makes sense.  OSS projects I've worked on before I got
started with b/c of a fix to a script or something that I brought to a
list.  I asked questions, did the work, and then presented it up for

infrastructure mailing list

yea clears it up fine for me now thanks alot keep up the good work what you fellas do