there has been some changes in my work and for some time I will not have time available for continuing with the job I had assigned in the project. I have updated the schedule to reflect it. perhaps when I would have time again I will contact you again

kind regards


2006/7/15, pasqual milvaques <pasqual.milvaques@gmail.com>:
hi people

my name is pasqual milvaques, I'm a spanish dba and software developer
and I'm going to try to give a hand to you in creating a homepage for
the fedora infrastructure project and in other things I can help.

I have created a draft for the page which I send attached with this
mail. The idea is to have in this page a list of all infrastructure
pieces which are being used with their links and some basic information.
the draft has not all the links, I will review it to add more links that
I have seen in the fedora infrastructure mailing list and (of course)
any link you indicate to me. In the next days I will review it and will
take deeper look to the wiki to search for more information (all this
system is bigger than I expected) and to define the work methodology.

well, take a look to the draft as in it you will find some of my doubts
(what is docs-rawhide? where is nagios?) and make me any comments you
find relevant

regards and will be in contact