On Tue, 9 Jul 2019 at 15:57, Kevin Fenzi <kevin@scrye.com> wrote:

I'd like to propose we migrate pagure01 (which is pagure.io) and
pagure-stg01 (pagure-stg.io) from osuosl to the community cage in rdu2.

We have had odd networking problems between .cz and osuosl and at times
between phx2 and osuosl.

Moving things would allow us to:

drop the pagure-proxy in ibiblio (which currently proxies all traffic to
the osuosl instances to avoid the networking issues from cz).

move forward with adding repospanner to ansible and have it appear in
pagure.io so people could do PR's and CI and other fun things against
our ansible repo.

Why not move it to openshift? Well, we could, but thats going to take
cycles we don't have right now, so a simple migration seems much easier
and gets us a lot of good.

Why not move it to phx2? Well, we would need to get a bunch of ports
opened for it's use and we may well be moving resources out of phx2 at
some point, so we really don't want to add another thing to move out.

Why not make a new instance in rdu2 and migrate just data to it?
Again, we could, but at this point a brute force migration seems like a
better use of our cycles than figuring exactly what needs synced over.
If we really don't want the downtime we can look more into this, I just
worry that it will take a lot of time to make sure we have everything
synced and setup right.

If folks are ok with this, I'd like to consider taking it down friday
late afternoon and migrating it over this weekend. It would have
downtime for however long it takes to sync the disk over. I can do
pagure-stg01 as a test run later this week if we like.

I would say see how long it takes to move pagure-stg over then determine how long an outage it might be for the rest.



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