On 02/02/10 16:22, Ricky Zhou wrote:
On 2010-02-02 03:02:18 PM, Tristan Santore wrote:
I like the spam headers, and have yet to see a single message marked as spam,
which originated from a user. And I am on multiple lists.
Also, without the headers of the message, it is hard to say what is causing
said scoring. It could be the users end or maybe even their fault, i.e. using a
SMTP they should not. As it happened to one of my clients. Also, just because
it is marked [spam], does not mean it gets removed, and I believe most people
can use common sense in that regard.
Todd attached the message and full headers, and in this case, it seems 
that the presence of a domain name with ".com" in the middle caused a 
huge spam score, which definitely seems unreasonable.

I agree with Todd that the spam headers suffice without having to munge 
the subject.

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If the score originates from com2com scoring, then the filter needs fixing, as it did not look for \.com but anything com. This looks more like a bug that needs to be submitted to the relevant developers.



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