Hi all,
  My name is James and my IRC nick handle is jjlit.  I am a system admin
in Australia, recently completed post graduate university qualifications
and am looking for a new hobby, now that ive finished uni.  I have been
a long time linux user and fan, and would love to be actively involved
in the system administration of the fedora server infrastructure, no
matter what task.  I have a passion for linux and down here in Australia
its hard to be involved in linux as the microsoft juggernaut is very
powerful down here.  I realise it will be a while before I am allowed to
participate in active sysadmin tasks, but thats fine, im the same with
my networks.  I would also like to get to a stage whereby I can
hopefully train others who are like me, looking for something to devote
their time to.  Im also looking for a sponsor to help me get onboard
with the infrastructure team asap, anyone who can help out, much
appreciated in advance.