Hi everyone.

My name is Anatoliy Kartashov. I am from Russia.

I start to work as freebsd system administrator, but later changed to Linux.
I have aroud 8 years of Linux system administration - CentOS/ SLES.

Sysadmin skills
  - puppet
  - git
  - squid,postfix, zabbix, bacula, named, and etc..

Network skills
  - manage distributed networks
  - setup cisco, mikrotik, linux routers
  - ospf

  - shell

Certification: RHCE on 6

What I want to learn:
  First I am going to understand the ifrustructure of fedora project. How to create and orginize and work in such projects.
  Next web services - best pructice, high availability, monitoring, scaling.
  Learn and train my skills in python or C.