0. Whats your fedora account system login?

1. Have you logged in and used your fi-apprentice membership to look at
our machines/setup in the last month? Do you plan to?

2. Has it helped you decide any area you wish to focus on or contribute
to more?

3. Have you looked at or been able to work on any of the fi-apprentice
'easyfix' tickets?
yes looked at

4. Do you still wish to be a member of the group? If not (for whatever
reason) could you provide any hints to help others down the road?

5. Is there any help or communication or ideas you have that would help
you do any of the above?

6. What do you find to be the hardest part of getting involved?
Finding things to work on? Getting attention from others to help you?
Finding tickets in your interest area?
Finding time.

7. Have you been able to make any weekly irc meetings? Do you find them
helpful or interesting?

8. Have you logged into our Gobby instance and read/seen/added to our
meeting agenda? https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Gobby

9. What is your favorite gui application?