> (1) Would it be okay if I downloaded a single module from the repo?

I suppose it would be, but you don't need the entire git history right?
Just the current files? I'm pretty sure our head revision is ok and
doesn't contain much sensitive.

Yup.  Don't even want the entire repo.  Just enough for (3), below.
> (2) Could someone suggest a particularly "typical" repo to play with?
> Even better would be three -- one very simple, one typical, and one
> complex -- but I'd be perfectly content to start with one.

Well, for complex our httpd module has often been messy seeming to me.
The glusterfs one I added recently might be middling complex. It
doesn't have much in it, but it uses templates and some other things.
Something like askbot would be a simple one I think.

I'm interested to hear what puppet lint says about our stuff. ;)

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