My name is Brandon Jasper and I'm a CTN2(SS) (Crypto Tech Networking, submarine qualified) in the US Navy.  I've been a Red Hat user for a long time and in fact it was the first Linux distro I used.  I saw the infrastructure team and since I'm not heavy on programming it fits with what I can do to contribute to the project.  I've been a sysadmin on an SSN (nuclear fast attack submarine) and in a detachment working on underwater robotics.  I'm currently the assistant information assurance manager for the pacific SSBN (strategic missile submarines) fleet.  I've got a number of cast off servers sitting around my office and though I can't make any firm commitments I am going to try to drop the paperwork to get one.  If I can get one I'll set it up to help out with the project, if not I'll still be glad to help where I can.