Hello Fedora Infrastructure,

I'd like to use my first e-mail to introduce myself.

The name is Alin Crețu, I'm 33 years old, Romanian citizen, currently living in Germany.

I've been working/playing with Red Hat Linux since RH 5.2 and with Fedora since it's first release 10 years ago.

For the last 9 years I was working with Linux/Unix in different production environments, from small departmental (2 systems) up to large enterprise (200+ Linux/Unix machines with High Availability requirements).

Since June 2007 I'm also certified as "IBM Certified Advanced Technical Expert -- IBM System p5 2006" and I can find my way around BASH and ksh scripting. Also I have considerable understanding and some real life experience with large SAN installations.

I'd like to take this opportunity to give something back to Fedora by helping the Infrastructure team running the servers that make the Fedora Project possible.

As of now, I'm also looking to find a sponsor that will be willing guide my first steps towards this community.

Alin Crețu