Hi, my name is Chris Roberts and I live in Toledo, Ohio. EST Timezone.  My Fedora Account System (FAS) username is chrisroberts, and my IRC nick is croberts.

I learned about the Fedora Infrastructure team through the wiki page and through talking to Nirik about the wiki. Niriki said in the future the wiki backend will go from MySQL to Postgresql. I am hoping by that time I can be part of that project or at least be able to offer some helpful advice :)

My skills, which I bring to the Fedora Infrastructure is 2.5 years of Wiki experience both user and admin. Currently I am one of the Fedora wiki administrators, and have been working on improving the user experience and the search functionality. I am also one of the administrators of the wiki that is used internally at my day job for a local ISP, where I have worked in improving search functionality.


Chris Roberts