Hi All,

Past few weeks, me, Ryan and Mo had been working on the Bodhi UX Redesign project. We do have some updates regarding the project below:

*User Identification*

1. We have identified our target users for our project mainly testers, packagers, release engineers and other users from the open source community.

*Bodhi Wiki page*

2. A wiki page has been put up for the purpose of sharing updates about the project : here is a preliminary version so farĀ  https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Bodhi/2016UXReview

*Initial User Interviews*

3. We had conducted an initial one on one with one of our users (more like user walk through) and the feedback has been been updated in the wiki page as well.


4. Further , we are planning on sharing the survey through this list, so we welcome all of you to take the survey and provide some feedback.

Lastly, any feedback and suggestions on the progress are welcome.