I support moving away from TX if it prevents us from obeying our 4Fs.

But as a long term translator and a team coordinator, please allow me to say something that I'm concerning about:

1. If we decide to move, what platform should we move to?
Which is a better place to move?
I haven't use Zanata before, so I can't compare it to transifex. I tried to login with my FAS account today, but didn't succeed, and it redirected me to signup page.

On the other hand, there are coordinators in zanata already, if we move to zanata, who will be the team coordinator? The one from transifex, or the one from zanata, or both of them, or who else?

2. Will all the contributors(L10n side) willing to move, if not, we will lose some of our contributors, if yes, all the L10n contributors should sign up to another platform again, and each coordinator should approve of their join request manually. We should find some simple way to minimize the trouble.

3. Will all the translation history and record be kept? I remember the last moving, when many translators' credits and history/record were lost, at least I can't find them anymore. Of course some of the projects may keep the record on their project sites. But this should be a big issue to resolve first if we decide to move away.

If any measures can be carried out to solve the problem, transifex is still a good platform for Fedora. Anyway, translators are familiar with its UI and function now.


Fedora Project Contributor