Hi all,

A new release of pagure-importer is available from COPR (https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/cverna/pagure-importer/)
Note that pagure-importer has moved to python 3.

    $ sudo dnf copr enable cverna/pagure-importer
    $ sudo dnf install python3-pgimport

And it contains the following PR :

- Fix urlparse and encoding for python3
- Fix attachment name encoding error (Athos Ribeiro)
- Fix broken links in group projects attachment (Athos Ribeiro)
- Add support for pagure custom close status
- Fix typo, modify code to let length of repo_issues (
Vivek Anand)
- Move pagure-importer to python3
- Add support for github issue assignee (
Vivek Anand)

Many Thanks,
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