Dear Fedora Team,

Please find my personal details below:

Name: John Paul P. Doria
Time Zone / Country: UTC+8 Philippines
Basic Skills and Experiences: I have knowledge in UNIX System Administration as I had worked as a L2 System Administrator at one project being serviced by Hewlett-Packard - Philippines and we were focusing on these particular UNIX flavors: HP-UX, Red Hat, and AIX. I have been already using these systems since 2010 especially HP-UX and Red Hat, but I can say I am more comfortable on working with Red Hat (or Fedora since they are almost the same). Also, I am using a Fedora 17 OS on my personal laptop. The reasons are: I want to explore, I want to dig deeper and learn more about Red Hat or Fedora. Currently, I am working as a Release Engineer at Manulife Financial - Philippines. I just started there last November 5 of this year. We are using Solaris as the base OS and the application is IBM Rational ClearCase for our code deployment to different environments.

Why am I joining?
The reasons are simple. I want to learn all things about Linux System Administration and help other people working for this project by means of contributing something what I believe is good for this. I am not saying I know everything about Linux. No, I just want to share opinions or work with other's opinion to make their plans come true. This is a community and a community would not become a community if there is only one person and there are no people working together. I want to be a part of Fedora. I want to contribute even a small thing here which I believe will also make this operating system extraordinary.

What am I looking to do?
I have always loved the responsibilities of the UNIX System Administrator. I would love to be a part of the group that focuses on administration. I still want to explore and learn different things and help other aspiring administrators as well.

How much time you can contribute (usually hours per week)?
I can always give my 4 hours of the week to this and I will try to work more than that if I don't have priorities in my day job and personal life. :)

Respectfully yours,
John Paul P. Doria