Strange, I sent a response when I did the changes, but I don't see it in mailing list.

So here it is again:


I moved the easyfix to same section of First Steps where issues are located
and added best practices to First steps.

I didn't move the issues to What's next because this is at the same level as easyfix.
The difference is that the infrastructure issues contains administration issues
although easyfix contains issues from every project.


On 11/11/18 21:04, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
On 11/5/18 11:23 AM, Blaise Pabon wrote:

(I tried to correct this myself, but the wiki requires "at least one non
cla* group to be able to login and edit")

So, I followed the steps in getting started, watched both videos, and
browsed the easyfix page.

   - The second video refers to a best practices page
   <>, which
   is not listed in the Getting Started: First Steps
   - I suggest moving the Infrastructure Issues
   <> link *from* First Steps
   *to* the What's Next section
   - and moving the Easyfix Page <> link
   *from* the What's Next Section *to* the First Steps section. This will
   align with the sequence described in the videos (and progress in order of
It looks like zlopez went and did this? Can you take a look now and see
if it's better?


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