Hi all,
Why don't you use check_mk as nagios config generator?

I use it in production on CentOS for almost 2 years and I can name it a great solution for monitoring automation.

For further info see: http://mathias-kettner.de/check_mk.html

On 06/14/2012 08:43 PM, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
On Tue, 12 Jun 2012 01:15:36 +0300
Christos Triantafyllidis <christos.triantafyllidis@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi all,

    long ago i volunteered myself to start the work on a tool that
will create dynamic Nagios configuration based on external
information (i.e. infra-hosts).

    You can find my work on this at:

     The idea is that there is a main configuration file:
which specifies which modules to use to create the configuration.
Given that the only information i could get from infra-hosts was the
host's information itself this only does host configs but can be
easily extended to support services, contacts etc.

The execution is simple, checkout the infra hosts repository in
sample_configs/infra-hosts folder and execute: ./DNC.py

You should get all hosts at standard output.

Finally a simple YAML based file module allows overrides to be

I'm willing to move this forward so i'd definitely like to hear your
A good start. ;) 

So, what other information do we need to make this generate (most if
not all of our nagios configs)? 

I'd guess:

- vpn info. I'd like to get our vpn info in there so we have the right
  dependencies so we can only get one alert from a site being down
  instead of 10. ;) 

- contacts

- services - perhaps we could populate these in infra-hosts too? Not
  sure how best to do this. 

I guess the next step I would say is look at our current nagios config
and see how we can autogenerate the rest of it, or at least the parts
related to machines. 


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