Sorry everyone for the delay in posting this week in Fedora, I know everyone is always curious to see the numbers report.

Last week badges have only gone up a slight amount 1.55% from previous weeks but that is ok, things will pick up. There are alot of badges coming into production so "badge out" Last week we had 3428 builds completed, up +11.55% from the previous week. Keep up the good work guys  its good to see such great contributions. 

Now to my favorite subject the Fedora wiki. Wiki editing has shot up to 1211 edits with a +51.19% difference from the previous week. Awesome work guys I have been working on keeping everything organized and moved around, so its great to see so many people getting information up to date and new information covered. Now for some bad news  New Fedora FAS accounts have taken a dive with only 119 being created, and a drop of -38.66% from the previous weeks. Lets not worry too much though I have a feeling this will go up, and with our awesome ambassadors spreading the good word of Fedora only good things can start happening. 

Meetings completed and started were only 6 for this week, a drop of -33% from the previous week. 29 new packages were created being a positive difference of +61.11% from the previous week. Way to go guys, you rock  Posts on the planet went up as well 112 posts to be exact, that is a difference of +24.44% from the previous week. With us having such an awesome distro I am always happy to see people posting news. Retired packages were down to 6 a drop in -70% from the previous week. We had 401 updates to stable and 680 updates to testing with a difference of +17.44%.

All in all another awesome week in Fedora land, I am looking forward to another great week. 

Chris Roberts
Fedora Marketing/Websites/Videos/Infrastructure Team