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I'm part of a team which is working on a Java-based web translation
system called Zanata (formerly Flies) which needs to authenticate
against the Fedora Account System (ideally SSO).

What's the state of http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/OpenID ?  This seems
like it would be fairly easy to integrate into Java.  That page says
it's in beta.  Would it be a really bad idea to build a system which
depends on it, even as a stop-gap?

Apart from authentication, I would like to check if the user has signed
a CLA before letting them enter translations.  What options are
available to a Java system for checking CLAs?

I know there's python-fedora, but is there a documented web service
underneath, which I could access from Java?  I guess I'm looking for an
XML/JSON version of
preferably one which doesn't require my system to authenticate itself as
a Fedora user.

Also, I've been looking at the python-fedora API, and I have some questions:
1. is there an attribute which tells me the user has signed a CLA?
2. can I fetch this attribute without authenticating?
3. if I do need to authenticate, how can I get a non-human Fedora
account for my web server to use?



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You can get FAS info through a json feed.

Here are a couple of almost identical working examples:

Used in fedoraproject.org/wiki

Used in blogs.fedoraproject.org: