My name is Jonathan Zhang, from Hefei, China.

I'd like to join this team to fix issues, maintain the Project's servers and do some translation to Chinese.

I have experience working on web development projects, and I've been a sysadmin for over 2 years.

Among my skills are:
 - C++ development
 - Shell script programming
 - HTML5
 - DNS management
 - Linux / *nix administration

I've worked on my SKS keyserver[1] and other projects running on my server, been active on mailing lists such as sks-devel. I have access to my testing machines. I also plan to join other areas of Fedora Project soon.

I'm currently learning Node.js and Python. 
I'd like to learn new programming languages and new technologies on security as well.

I can invest 2-5 hours/week in contributing to team assignments.

My Freenode IRC handle is Jonathan_Z.

Best regards,
[1]: https://key.bbs4.us/ (this keyserver is peering with FP's keyservers, running since April 2014)