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> Greetings from a newly registered member!
> I've seen the 'GSoC @ Infra' thread but I didn't want to hijack it
> nor do I know how to reply to a thread through mailman...
> I will be applying for GSoC this summer and GitLab is my first
> priority as I have been using it since version 2 and I want to
> contribute in any way I can. I have been talking with Vit Ondruch
> about the packaging procedure and I just sent a mail [0] to the
> ruby-sig list too, regarding this.

Excellent. ;)

Very excellent!

> I have also read last year's discussion [1] and it was made clear by
> Dan Allen [2] that besides the whole implementation thing, it is as
> important to find some people that will maintain the project
> longterm. And I am willing to do this. I don't know if it is possible
> for more than one person to work on a project during GSoC, but
> another fellow is interested in this as well [3]. So, now we are
> two :p

Great news! Thank you for stepping forward.

One of the key reasons I've been pushing for GitLab is because I see the potential it has for drastically improving the discoverability of the Fedora code base and encourage participation. I've been involved with a lot of projects on GitHub and I'm amazed by how simple it is to submit changes (to both code and documentation). In fact, it's often easier to send a patch with a description of the change than to create an issue...flipping the normal bug submitting process on its head.

GitHub also works because it enables collaboration over coordination. You don't have to ask for permission on GitHub. You just do it. Then you can easily track when they get pulled in or changes are requested. (the same is true of GitLab).

With GitLab, we can bring that experience to the Fedora community. It's a large enough community (esp in terms of repositories), that I'm positive we'd see that collaboration kindle within the Fedora instance.

...so this is a big deal.


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