On 12/11/20 12:21 AM, Anatoli Babenia wrote:
I've deployed the static website to GitHub Pages at
The search doesn't work, and there is no index to browse,
so it is not very useful.

If you'd like to see the prototype container with working search:

  1. Create a pod using podman (ports 8983 for solr admin and 80 for -packages-static)
  2. Create a solr container in the pod
  3. Create a core in solr with the name `packages` configured with the files in the solr directory
  4. Build the dockerfile and add it to the pod. It will serve files after the initial sync

There is an index at https://abitrolly.github.io/fedora-packages-static/sitemap.xml (for search engines, still needs a config env var for base URI)

 Looks like the search is supposed
to be Solr, which is not static.

Yes, unfortunately the only way to handle search is dynamic. Either via JS that locally handles search or an external service. Currently, I have a small (~40 line) uWSGI script that acts as a proxy for Solr and formats results. The reason I went with this approach is that it keeps JS optional, you get the benefits of a full search platform, and it will not slow down the browser during a query.