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Or could we move f29+ all to whatever is replacing it? (taskotron?)

It will be nice but I am not aware of any other system in place which would
replace checks performed by autocloud.

(CC'ed tflink and kparal)
Does taskotron provides capability to perform tests on Fedora cloud Images like booting images and other basic checks?

Theoretically it is possible using nested virt. However, Taskotron is going away as well. The replacement is Fedora CI:

Thanks kamil! yeah, it doesn't make sense to move to Taskotron if it is going to be deprecated as well.

I recommend to ask in the CI list:

It should be possible for them to provide the infrastructure you need.

Hmm, I am not very sure if we should spend time investigating and setting up alternative
to autocloud unless we have usecases for long run. Fedora Atomic Host Two Week releases ends with F29 EOL.