Hello, I'm Alex, most commonly known as zc00gii. I've been working with computers for years. Back around Windows 95(around when I was 1 year old) I was playing these learning games. At around three I made a folder and put all of the desktop shortcuts into there. I started using Linux when I was 12. I started to program about 3 years ago. I started with Nintendo DS homebrew programming, with a simple pacman game with a horrible AI. I then went to Wii programming and made a Arch Linux port to the Wii called Archii, using the MIKE kernel. Basically, from there, I've been doing Python and Lisp programming. I know C, C++, Python, and Lisp. Currently, I am working on a desktop environment(http://liquid-de.org/) and a Amiga Juggler clone written in Common Lisp(http://github.com/nixeagle/juggler) I hope that working with Fedora will occupy some more of my unoccupied time, and generally bring joy into my life from the community. I hope to give the same to them.