hi Johann,

I can empathise with you on the frustration that comes from a certain feature or ease not available to Fedora community due to non-alignment or low priority against RH business needs.

Since this issue has apparently been discussed for a while, one thing that I find amiss from the doc that pingou mentioned is the 'Why' ? I will suggest you add the problems you face to that doc. So when we revisit the page, the list of "whys" over there make it easy to make a decision. (You did mention the whys in the mail response, but would make it better to note and keep adding in the doc).

The first two points on problems/issues over in the doc would be my biggest concern (resource scarcity). Though I agree that cannot assign to rhel would be a trivial one.


On Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 4:07 PM, "Jˇhann B. Gu­mundsson" <johannbg@gmail.com> wrote:
On 09/17/2013 09:44 AM, Pierre-Yves Chibon wrote:
On Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 08:24:58AM +0000, "Jˇhann B. Gu­mundsson" wrote:

I think it's time that we start putting some effort into both
discussing and migrating away from sharing bugzilla instance with
Red Hat.
This is indeed a big question that has been in the air for some time without
any real conclusion reached.
Since you're speaking about, I assume you know about:

No I was unaware of that but skimming over it this "cannot clone bugs over to rhel packages/products easily." is irrelevant point in that discussion + which instance it should be should be decide in good collaboration with the QA community since we are arguably the largest userbase of it.

If you have any inputs/ideas feel free to share them, we have already discussed
more than once about it but so far the disadvantages and work implied have
out-weight the advantages.

One of the big point being the definition of who is "we" in your sentence.

The project/community in whole but as I have mentioned to Kevin atleast on one occasion if it boils down to it I will personally put my free time in running and administrative that instance since my frustration level with RH bugzilla has grown to an all time high due to frequent collision with internal RH administrative policy's that nobody in the community knows exactly which are,frequent RH employement mistakes in bug handling between Fedora and RHEL as well as several other issue we are faced with it in the QA community and the hindrance it serves to the growth to our community and the fact we cant hack in it directly to make ours as well as other processes work smoothly which makes everybody's life easier.

For the first should we migrate all issues from the RH bugzilla to
keep history or should we simply declare a flag day and from that
point on everybody will be using the new bug tracker

Secondly do people have any option on which bug tracker we should
migrate to as in should we stick to mozilla's bugzilla or should we
use something else?
You do realize that here you're speaking about migration w/o knowing to what
will be the migration? Seems like the reverse order to me.

Not really we can reach the decision based upon if we would like to migrate "older" bugs to keep history áor if we would skip that step and choose to use a fresh deployment and simply use the RH bugzilla instance ástrictly for historic lookup in bugs purpose for EOL releases.


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