This is great. Thanks Ralph!

On Fri, Dec 4, 2015, 9:53 AM Ralph Bean <> wrote:
Here's a fix for the supybot fedmsg plugin that was written back in June(!) but
never got released or deployed.

The bug:  whenever we start up zodbot, there's a race condition big enough to
drive a truck through.  The fedmsg plugin tries to wrap the meetbot plugin, but
often the meetbot plugin gets loaded after fedmsg.. and so it fails. This patch
causes the fedmsg plugin to retry indefinitely (every 60s) until it succeeds.

As a side-effect, this will likely help address many of the complaints we've
had recently about meeting logs not being available in the new 'mote' web
interface.  They tend to not show up because zodbot didn't produce a fedmsg
which didn't force mote to flush its cache.


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