Hi Guys,

It's really nice to write this post on this group :) I've been the sysadmin for the last 10+ years (with RHEL on servers, Fedora on desktop and Slackware on playboxes). I would love to help You :)

I live in Poland, so my clock is set to CET (UTC+1).

My freenode nick is: docent

My skills consists of general sysadmin abilities (I'm currently RHCE, but also love to work with network issues, have quite good websecurity knowledge, currently doing RHCSS). I can write scripts in Python / Bash / Perl; I also know C (but in the beginning I'd rather focus on knowing You and Fedora project env, so I'm sure that low - level programming would not be the case at the beginning). I'm big fan of Ganglia monitoring system (I saw You're using CollectD - that's also great solution. I've got deep knowledge of Nagios. I also have experience in creating workflows in issue tracker systems like Jira (I've been Jira admin for a while, also I was a team leader in Ops, so have some general leadership knowledge - but honestly I'd rather focus on classical sysadmin work - but always can talk about team issues).

My general goal in joining Fedora team is to find a way back to low - level programming. About 10 years ago I programmed a lot in C, knew much of syscalls but than just lost it during subsequent years. But until that - I'd like to help You with sysadmin work, see how it's in a such great team (I worked a lot with multi - cultural teams, but those were classical non - Open Source related jobs) and get some new challenges.

I've checked issues under https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/report/1 and honestly there are some that I don't understand at all, but also there's quite a lot of those that I could take care of. But I'm little confused as there're issues which looks really outdated.

Despite my family, job, hobbies (cycling, ARMs, also I've got server in my basement on which I do some developer work - did I write that I really love networking? I got some Cisco outdated hardware which I play sometimes) I think that in the beginning I could contribute about 2-3h per week and from this point check how it's going.

I think that's all - it was really nice to see You guys in LinuxCon (I was there in Prague 2 years ago and Barcelona last year; unfortunately didn't make it this year). I'm really looking forward to see You next year,

Maciej Lasyk

GPG key ID: 4FED49C5
GPG public key: http://maciek.lasyk.info/gpg_maciej_lasyk.asc