ok. Have safe travels. ;)

Oh, while I am looking at them... how about I go over the outstanding
mailman3 bugs in trac we have?

"Enable syndication of fedora mailing lists"

* This is an old ticket and we had some hacky perl script to try and do
  rss feeds with lists. Does HK support rss? Is this a feature we can
  ask for upstream?

It does not support it yet, but that's something that can be done upstream indeed.

"where is list administration interface"

* perl-devel is not notifying on held messages. I am also seeing this
  with the 'websites' list. Should we move this to an upstream bug?

Yeah, it's apparently an upstream bug, I just reported it.

"Mailman 3 mbox archives have invalid Date: value"

* This says a fix was commited. Is it live now? If so, we can close?

Yeah it's live, I'll close it.

"New subscription notifications from fedora-join mailing list come from

* admin emails from root@localhost. ;( There's a dupe of this I just
  noticed below. ;) Closing the dupe, but should we file an upstream
  bug? or is this a config problem locally?

This is very strange, it does not look like a software bug, but the configuration seems correct too. Those emails should be sent with the *-owner@list.fp.o address. I'll investigate.

"main translation page isntt available when searching on
https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/ "

* Not sure what to do here. Perhaps we could ask Mo or Ryan to weigh in
  and see if there's some better way to do the UI for it? Or just close
  it with a cannot fix for now?

Yeah, I don't know either. If Mo or Ryan have a quick idea, I'll implement it.

"firewalld-devel list archives not working properly"

* Not sure whats going on here. Any news on your investigations?

Unfortunately this happened before I could add more debug in the logs. The message may have been lost when I reloaded the HyperKitty config, I've been working on a system that would protect against this kind of concurrency. But I can't be sure that it's the root cause. I'll deploy the new version and see if it happens again. Since I'm keeping an original version of each message sent through the list, I could write a script that goes through all those emails and see if they are in HyperKitty's DB (and insert them if they aren't.

"Request: run MetricsGrimoire mlstats against all
mailing lists monthly; provide access to database"

* Not sure where we are with this one. Does Mattdm have access to do
  the stats? Should we set them up to run automagically?

I sort of remember Matt saying that he found something different from MetricsGrimoire and that he didn't need the mboxes in the end. Matt?

"querying the list of all the aliases that a given FAS id is on"

* Not sure how to handle this one either. It's an old one and would
  require querying lots of places. It's not really mailing list related
  fully either.


Thanks for going through all those tickets!