Drupal + SELinux + mod_security ?!


On 10/23/07, Mike McGrath <mmcgrath@redhat.com> wrote:
Ok, so there's a ticket for a new news site,

Fact: PHP apps have a poor track record.
Fact: There doesn't appear to be any viable Python CMS's (you can say
plone, but we've managed to fail at installing it for 2 YEARS now.  And
at this point I'm not interested in deploying it for anything other than
the docs site)

So lets get this thread started, Toshio ran some numbers to back up this
claim, 73 vulnerabilities since 2006.  So what do we do. I'm pretty in
the middle of this debate at this point.  Especially with something like

Discuss, comment, flame.  Lets go :)


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