Under full load (~200 concurrent connections), this was the status

Proxy2 machine
1- RAM 100% used, machine not swapping though (Linux ram utilization is a bit complex though)
2- Squid was saturating the CPU (80~90%)
3- Lots and lots of httpd processess, each taking 0% cpu, and minimal ram ~0.7%
4- load average: 1.06, 0.94, 0.75. top is showing squid cpu utilization > 85%, while total cpu utilization = 7%!! This seems to be a bug?! So, I cant trust the load numbers either

App1 server
1- RAM 100% used, 0.5GB swapping
2- CPU saturated by large number of httpd processes
3- load average: 150.35, 143.94, 104.04. Cacti showing load peaking to 400, while top doesnt go that high!

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On 12/24/06, Mike McGrath <mmcgrath@fedoraproject.org> wrote:
On 12/23/06, Paulo Santos <paulo.banon@googlemail.com > wrote:
> > 3- Serving html is really the bottleneck. Unfortunately, Moin developers
> acknowledged current version ( 1.5) is not cache friendly. Work for making

It sounds like we really won't get much of a benefit till 1.6.  Our
biggest issue last time appeard to be the dynamic generation of
content, converting them to static content helped cpu load on fpserv
quite a bit.

How did the appserver handle the stress test?  How about the proxy
server?  Not just in code generation and such but actual cpuload, that
type of thing?