As a designer, when I jump into doing a UI review, or hacking on the templates / CSS of a new project, one of the most painful steps for me is getting my dev environment set up.

Most of our webapps do have very good documentation on getting a dev environment set up, but invariably this takes a good chunk of time and fiddling for me (being someone that is not super-familiar with setting up and running the back-ends of webapps). This is especially relevant if what i am trying to fix is just a simple template change, and TBH manually tweaking postgres config files is not really my idea of a good time. :)

Long story short, i am asking for comments and thoughts on how to make setting up a dev environment simpler and easier (and perhaps even standardized between all our apps).

I recently started playing with Vagrant, and made this vagrant setup[1] for bootstrapping a bodhi dev envirionment using Vagrant on top of vagrant-libvirt, and it works pretty well for me -- i can just use one command to spin up a new clean instance of a bodhi dev environment, with the DB configured and populated and ready to go. Note that i chose libvirt with Vagrant here, primarily because i am not well versed in Docker, but Docker on Vagrant is possible too.


[1] -