I would also like to volunteer myself, since i already know the infrastructure and the procedures that we use in the team,
My main concern is that sometimes i may not have the amount of time needed to devout my full atention to it, when its needed.
So with lead or no lead, i can/will always help as i did so far.


On 5/11/07, Mike McGrath < mmcgrath@redhat.com> wrote:
Oliver Falk wrote:
> Hi Mike!
> On 05/10/2007 09:04 PM, Mike McGrath wrote:
>> We need a new web lead volunteer.  Some people have been working on
>> it from time to time.  We need someone who can log in and fix the
>> account system when its down and knows how the wiki works.  We have a
>> lot of people doing a lot of things but I'd love to get someone
>> dedicated who can contribute regularly maybe an hour a day or at
>> least a few hours a week.  Someone who can sit in #fedora-admin and
>> #fedora-web and give more attention to our web and understand how it
>> works.
>> I have a few people in mind I'd love to have volunteer for this but I
>> know $DAYJOB won't always allow it.
> I'd like to volunteer also. I have much experience with web
> administration. I have no specific experience with MoinMoin, but
> that's nothing that can't be learned - learning by doin'... :-)
> I'm also online in IRC, Yahoo and Jabber most of my working-time
> (09:00-17:00 UTC+8).
> I guess the time difference can be good and bad....

Excellent, I've had a few people offer their services for this role.
Make sure you can attend next weeks meeting.  We'll have to make sure
that times work out and such.


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