Thank you for replying back. I apologize for the grammatical error. I was typing too fast for me to realize my mistake. I was in the #fedora-admin and I asked about the apprentice group, but I had left earlier so I wasn't sure if anyone has responded. As you can see, I am interested in both sysadmin and apps, so I will be participating in both.

Antonette Caldwell

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> Hi all,

Hi and welcome,

> I first came across Fedora back in 2016. I was introduced to Fedora in my Linux course. I have been interested in computer technologies for nearly have my life, and I've done web development, as well as an internship with a software development company.
> My programming skills varies. I started with Java back in 2008, and then Python 2014. I took a hiatus for about two weeks, and then I took C++ course. I started web developing in 2015 and have been active since then, but no real steady work, like work experience with a company. About 2016-2017, I started looking at projects that I can contribute, because I want to learn the ins and outs of Linux and how it works. I tested out different variants of linux distros, and I ended with Gentoo, Fedora and Ubuntu.
> I do not have any certifications at the moment, but I am aiming for one of the pentest certification and as well as several Linux certifications from LPI. I want to go into a DevOps role, and I would like to learn more about how it all works.

Thanks for your interest into contributing, a good way to start is by
joining the following IRC channels on the freenode network
#fedora-admin, #fedora-apps, please feel free to ask questions there
that's the best way to get more knowledge :).

#fedora-admin is more focused on the sys admin discussion you can ask
there to join the apprentice group that gives you limited access to
some of our infrastructure machine  and #fedora-apps is focused on the
application development.

Also we have a weekly meeting
(  on IRC
which is opportunity to introduce yourself and also good way to keep
with what is going on currently in the Infrastructure.

> Thank you for taking the time to reply my introduction.
> Antonette Caldwell
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