Hello Fedora Community! I'm Rachitt Shah,and I reside in India. I made the switch to Linux about a year ago,and I love to explore new distros. I run Fedora Workstation as my main OS,and I'm trying to build my own kernel from scratch as well. I was really impressed by the breath of the organization and the huge amount of SIGs for almost each topic. I have been a contributor at KDE for their Season of KDE 2021 under the Calamares installer where I contribute to the docs,and I have tried to help new open sourcers via Script Winter of Code(http://swoc.tech/) where I help new-comers to pair with Open Source projects. I am the head of documentation at Canvasbird(https://canvasboard.live/home). I am currently exploring the Fedora ecosystem,and I hope to contribute to Fedora for GSoC and beyond.