Hi All,

CentOS Dojos i.e.  user meet-ups  are happening first time in India i.e. in Pune and Bangaluru [1] [2]. Thought of sending it to Fedora India list as there are some community members overlaps between Fedora and CentOS.

The registration link for these events are present in the respective wiki page mentioned below.

About Dojo:

The CentOS Dojo's are an one day event, organised around the world, that bring together people from the CentOS Communities to talk about systems administration, best practises in linux centric activities and emerging technologies of note. The emphasis is to find local speakers and tutors to come together and talk about things that they care about most, and to share stories from their experiences working with CentOS in various scenarios.

[1] http://wiki.centos.org/Events/Dojo/Bangalore2014
[2] http://wiki.centos.org/Events/Dojo/Pune2014


P:S: If you think I did a mistake , by sending this mail to Fedora India ML, feel free to let me know. I wont do it again.