In my opinion we can improve in one aspect. That would be to share all the required documents like the cleartrip details with everyone using trac and to give access to all those who are a part of the team. Rest was a really amazing experience.

Aditya Patawari

On Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 7:32 PM, Rahul Sundaram <metherid@gmail.com> wrote:

We have a tradional post even period for suggestions/feedback on what we
did right and what we could improve upon either individually or as a
team.  Although FOSS.IN team has announced that they aren't continuing
the event, the feedback is important for us to organize ourselves better
for other events as well.   So I am looking forward to any feedback from
participants.   The one thing that immediately comes to mind is that, we
were asked for x86_64 media for a number of users, much more than any
other event that I have seen.  So it does appear x86_64 has gone
mainstream now and we need to do media for both architectures going
forward with more x86 media still.    We probably could have used more
keychains and buttons as they were way too popular as usual.

Let me know your thoughts if you were part of the Fedora team attending
foss.in or even just a participant who attended a session in the mini
conf, main conf , booth or something else.   The feedback can range from
anything about the choice of hotel, logistics, talks and everything in

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