On Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 6:37 PM, Deependra Singh Shekhawat wrote:

We are talking about fudcon its not a simple college event. I appreciate your willingness to help and do everything but its not gonna work out. Its not a one man job. Its teams job. Do you have a team ? I thought about Pune as most of the Redhat folks are there and they can always form some team or maybe guide some folks in a better direction.

Maybe people with expertise in conducting event of this big scale and also give their opinions .


It is not clear to me why you are objecting to him volunteering to lead the organization of a event.  Fedora events such as FUDCon are community events and it is healthier to gather volunteers to participate and I am glad he has stepped up to do so.  Red Hat has a presence in Pune but whatever work we put in within Fedora is voluntary as well and we have done a FAD in pune recently  for logistics but I am willing to explore other places and Bangalore is not a unsuitable place at all.   Hiemanshu volunteering to lead it doesn't mean he will be the only person involved and it does require more people to participate.  We can all pitch in and take ownership of specific things and work as a team.  If you want to inquire within Pune or help out in specific ways (posters and media for instance), you are of course welcome to do.  Having more options will allow us to pick the best one.   Please don't discourage anyone.