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arun's idea works for me though. due to continuous in-campus requests,
i'm still able to supply live media (i had excess of them from last
event) and make live USBs sometimes to those who prefer. local
contacts seem efficient in campuses for sure :) our techfest is around
the corner and i'm sure the foss stall will be laden with media
requests again!

For tech festa the best thing to do is to have people buy or get their own DVD and you burn it for them. This always works best and only people who really need them will come to you.

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On Thu, 2010-09-23 at 22:42 +0530, Arun Prakash wrote:
Hello All,

Hello Arun,

Thank you for taking time to coming up with a suggestion to improve the
Free media program.

I found that contributors of Fedora are trying hard to drive the free
media Program . I recently found the mail requesting contribution to
free media Program. Rather having to mail the CD/DVD with mailing
charges, they can send the CD/DVD to places near by . Is that
mandatory that a Ambassador should drive free media program ?

You mean sending a bulk of media to certain contacts? This will also
cost money, and will probably cause wastage of media since few requests
come from locations that are near to each other : The holders of these
bulk media will in turn have to pay postage to at most times, therefore
it results in more cost, not less.

Another factor is that volunteers of the free media program cannot
produce such media in such large amounts to supply. (if we could, we
wouldn't be asking more folks to sign up ;) )

Requests come from all parts of the country. Yes, a lot of them come
from Bangalore and Pune but these are mostly handled by free media
contributors from the respective cities.

While it is not mandatory that an Ambassador be a free media contact,
you have to have an FAS account and be part of the free media group to
have access to the free media trac (and mailing list).

All the people who are available with the CD/DVD media can enrol
themselves to that media distribution program , If a person from that
locality request free media , we can point them to the resource
holding person , so that the request is satisfied .

This sounds like an integration of the free media and local contact
programmes. This is one of the goals of the free media program, but it
will take sometime before this can be streamlined and implemented under
a larger, lets say, "Get yourself a copy of Fedora" programme.

I am also interested in Free media program , I feel this . Please
suggest me if I am wrong.

Please sign up and accept two tickets a month. It's all we request of
you :)

You should continue this discussion along with any more ideas that you
can come up with, at the free media list[1] which is a more apt
location. The members of the list are eager to participate in discussion
aimed at improvements.


Arun Prakash

[1] https://admin.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/freemedia




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