I conducted one day Free software workshop on 29th August, at  KLN madurai for the pre-final year CSE and IT students (50+). The session started with an introduction to Free software and philosophy.Then i  explained various GNU/Linux commands and applications. Mailing list etiquettes were taught using shakthi's presentation (Thanks shakthi) . Introduced IRC and students were taught about getting help from various support channels.

In afternoon session, it was all about Nmap , Ncat and Ettercap (FOSS Network Security tools) , students were taught about  security risks of transmitting  plain text passwords on the wire, ARP cache poisoning and DNS spoofing were demonstrated and explained  using ettercap.
Fedora 11 was installed in 30+ Lab machines for hands on. The response from the students was excellent. Hospitality was good.

Fedora 11 DVDs were distributed to all the participants.

I thank HOD of CSE department,KLN and Final year student Dhivakaran for  organizing this event successfully.

Pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/saga123/sets/72157622066191653/

Arun SAG
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