Hi Mr. Rakesh Pandit,

> I have created small howto to connect wireless broadband Reliance and Tata
> with command line.
> So now you can use it with a linux which do not have GUI also.
> http://vglug.info/linux-rhel54-feroda-11-reliance-tata-wireless-broadband-command-line-howto

I searched this funda 2 years ago and found enough reference to material.

Before two years really ?? There was no wireless broadband it was only wireless at lower speed.

Gone are days when I used to use wvdialconf to generate conf file and
wvdial to connect to network. (Also do some hack (stupid mode = 1)).
Times have changed and we have Network Manager since ages now. It
would make sense to mention that ... but I guess it is so easy to
configure wireless with Network Manager that you don't really need

I agreed with you but perhaps you forget that the GUI is mostly limited for desktop users, as far as concern us, we do not use much GUI with server or we do not load at all GUI in almost all server.

As wireless broadband has excellent speed around 3.1MBPS can be user on server also for some specific application like proxy etc.

That case we do not have NetworkManager ??

We need to configure it with command line.

My purpose is just sharing some information for which I got around 10-12 phone calls.

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