Hey everyone, 

We recently announced that PyCon India 2021 will be organized online[1], and we have already started prepping up for the conference. We have also opened our talks and workshops CFP for potential speakers[2].

We want to start the process of selecting the Keynote Speakers for PyCon India 2021. For people new to the conference, keynotes at PyCon India, are inspiring talks from speakers that leave a lasting impact on the conference attendees. The keynote speakers also help to tip the scales for people having second thoughts about attending the conference. This increases participation and enriches the overall experience of the conference.

We will have 4 keynote speakers this year. Please send in your keynote speaker suggestion to the mailing list. Please send in one keynote speaker suggestion per mail, containing a brief description of the speaker or Speaker Bio-Link. If you like a speaker suggestion, use +1 style voting to indicate a preference for a particular keynote speaker.

We are also using GitHub discussions to get all suggestions from the community. Please share your keynote speaker suggestions in the GitHub discussion here also[3].

We will start reaching out to keynote speakers in the order of preference
within the next few weeks.

In case you want to chime in for the PyCon India 2021 discussions, you
can join the #2021/discussion stream in PyCon India Zulip[4] channel.

Shashank | realslimshanky
On behalf of PyCon India 2021