> "chess" is a 3d chess game that is more or less a demo for the ogre
> library.
> It's developer declared it finished a while back and things have since
> moved on. (Particularly with ogre updates.)
> I had to look at the package in order to make sure it would work with an
> updated ois and found lots of cruft. So while it can be fixed to work as
> poorly with ois 1.2 as it does with ois 1.0, it could really use some
> more comprehensive attention.
> My opinion is that either Fedora should become upstream (after double
> checking
> with the original developer) for chess or it should drop it.
> What I think needs to be done is update at least some of the meshes for
> ogre 1.6.
> Currently during the build process some files have an ogre 1.4 version,
> but
> aren't used. This should be changed so that just 1.6 versions remain.
> The ogre references should all use the Ogre name space. (At least for the
> Vector3 class this needs to be done to work with ois 1.2.)
> The compiler warnings should be looked at to see if they are real problems
> and fixed if necessary. (Even some unnecessary fixes that silence the
> warnings
> may be desireable.)
> It looks like it tries to use some fonts that were stripped out and
> fallback
> to something else isn't happening.
> A start up script that checks for 3d availablity should be part of the
> package.
> I don't think there is currently a way to change the orge.cfg file (which
> specifies some OpenGL configuration) once it has been set up. There may be
> some way to access this again from inside chess, but with the fonts not
> appearing to work, I can't tell what options are available.
> What do other people think?

I think the problems are probably solvable.  I think we (collectively) can do it.  You could enlist Nicholas Mailhot(not sure if he's on this list or not) for font assistance.  We can use the opengl-games-utils package to check for 3d.  I can take a look at some of the other things, too.  Looks like Hans owns it, and while he could be a great resource for a lot of this, he's been pretty busy lately and has been asking for people to take of things here and there, so he may not have the bandwidth. 

Let me know what you think, and if you'd like take me up on any or all my offers of assistance.


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