Hi Kamil,

personally I'd prefer containing the games on Flatpak to be more flexible and it can be provided for a hugh user base.

I hope the games I've suggested  now are mostly clones. Thus they might be included for Fedora.  The Dark Mod sounds an interesting game!  I've made a notice for your wish:)



Am Mittwoch, 10. April 2019, 13:28:24 MESZ hat Kamil Paral <kparal@redhat.com> Folgendes geschrieben:

On Mon, Apr 8, 2019 at 7:34 PM Karsten Andreas Artz <andreas.artz@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi guys,

my name is Andi, 29 and I'm from Germany.  I'm using Fedora almost 2 years (Fedora 26). My programming skills are on Python, Java/Java Script, and C/C++. But acutally I prefer mostly Python hacking. I studied B.A. of Arts History, Archaeology and Cath.Theology. Besides this, I can speak a lot of languages: German, English, French, a bit Italian and Spanish.

It would be glad starting contributing on Fedora as a maintainer. Therefore I hope to work on a small project soon.
I'm interested in games packaging, but I don't know where to start.

Hi Andi,

only opensource software can be part of Fedora, and there are not that many opensource games out there (which are not already packaged for Fedora), so it might be a bit difficult to find something suitable and interesting (but some of the OS clones might be a good idea). Additionally regarding games packaging, you can consider making flatpaks instead of RPMs and submitting them to Flathub [1]. Flathub can not only contain opensource games, but also freeware and free-to-play games (let's talk about Linux-native games at the moment, incorporating Wine into them would be another level of difficulty). For example, I'd personally love to see The Dark Mod [2] available at Flathub.

In Fedora you can also participate on packaging and maintaining game-related software, like emulators and launchers. Wine, Lutris and PLayOnLinux are the most visible ones, but then there are also lots of retro emulators, many of them not even in Fedora yet, I'd guess. So it depends on your experience and interests (both gaming and packaging). You could even participate in e.g. Lutris community in creating and maintaining scripts to allow easy installation of Windows and other platforms' games on Linux.

The Gaming SIG [3] might provide a better advice, this is just what I know.

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