Hi guys, my name is Harry and I want to apply to Fedora Games SIG, reasons listed below

1. I mainly use fedora to develop C++ & Go applications, but when I want to relax, I have to reboot to Windows in order to play my steam game, which is very annoying
2. I hope we can make fedora not only a GREAT development OS, but also a good entertainment platform
3. I hope we can adopt some windows game to Fedora by using technologies such as Wine
4. I recently noticed Stream's Proton, I hope we can make it more "high availability" on fedora

Area of knowledge

1. About Nvidia driver, Nvidia prime, etc
2. Wine

I understant that my knowledge may not be qualified to join this group, since I am still a high-school student, but I am ready to learn a lot of thing and try my best to contribute