On Mon, Aug 29, 2016 at 9:55 PM, Dennis Payne <dulsi@identicalsoftware.com> wrote:
I've uploaded my first package to bodhi, SDL_mng. I've set the karma
threshold to 1 since I doubt there will be many testers. I determined I
can't add karma which I understand.

What should I do? Should I ask people to test the package (here or on
another fedora list)? Are there sufficient testers who try random
packages that I should just wait? For Fedora 25, should I submit an
update to bodhi or do I not have to since it hasn't bee released yet?

After a period of time elapses, updates in testing can be tagged as stable even if they haven't achieved enough karma. For pre-release versions (right now this is Fedora 25), that time period is 3 days. For stable releases, it's 7; for Enterprise Linux (EPEL), it's 14.

So it's alright if no one tests your update; you just have to wait a bit before you can push to stable.

You do need to submit an update for F25 though. 

Also, thank you for inadvertently reminding me I can go ahead and review btbuilder, now that you've imported SDL_mng.