From the very starting of localization of computer in Hindi language, we have felt the need of one style and convention guide, a guidelines which can be treated as a reference point for Hindi language community working for the localization. I have tried to collect and compile all the info and given all these in formations in form of a guide named "Computer Translation style and convention guide for Hindi." In a couple of days I will come more info on it. Before that I want to share some points that I highlighted in the guide. Fonts, Collations, Plural Forms, White spaces, Accelerators, Program Syntax, Functions, Tags, Placeholders, Message Length, Numerals, Calender, Honorific Usages, Acronyms, Product/Brand/Company Name, Keys Name, Abbreviations, Legal Statements, Terminology, Punctuations, Units and Measurements, General Spelling Guidelines, Anusvar and Chandravindu, Use of Nukta, Cardinals & Ordinals, Indeclinable, Hyphen, Glidal ie Shrutimulak 'ya' or 'wa', Basic Quality Parameters etc. are some of the area I have tried to cover in this guide.

Please let me know if I am missing any important part of an ideal-typical style guide in the above points.

Rajesh Ranjan