Hi Thomas,

Automation is definitely a good aproach and in the agenda for further plans I think. But, it carries a lot of technical challanges to deal with, especially for Indic languages. Hence, it's better to fix the automation part later on. So, it's on the agenda, but will certainly take time to become publically available.

So, we thought to have some kind of comparison page in the coming phase, which shows the difference between, what's currently available translations and what's the FUEL evaluated translations for any particular message. Which can make the localizers' job little bit easier than actually manually checking through all entries one by one. Will keep the list informed about the progress on these developments.

Let's know, if you have any further queries!

Ankit Patel

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Am Montag, den 13.10.2008, 15:05 +0200 schrieb Rajesh Ranjan:
> "The Hindi FUEL release is now in its implementation stage, and the
> community of Hindi language has started working on implementation. The
> community has completed implementation of FUEL for Firefox and now
> started working for GNOME. The implementation process involves changes
> in the existing translations, replacing some entries with others from
> the FUEL list. The implementation phase is lengthy and
> labor-intensive. All major projects are already available with Hindi
> localizations, so it will take at least another release of involved
> projects to implement FUEL recommendations for Hindi language.

Does this mean, FUEL provides a database of evaluated translations
(only) or is it planned to automate this evaluated translations in the
future, so that for example with generating of the .pot file with
intltool, this evaluated translations won't be there anymore to be
translated by the community, and only unevaluated translations will
appear there?
I would appreciate such a 'automated translation' and not only as a
guide such as http://open-tran.eu/


> In the weeks since the successful release of FUEL Hindi, four more
> languages have actively started working within FUEL."
> After the evaluation of FUEL we are releasing it as a approved guide
> line for communities and localizers.

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